Annalie Maynard

Annalie Maynard

Upon waking every morning, Annalie Maynard does something she, a 62-year-old grandmother, never did before she was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumor in March 2008 – she takes some time to sit quietly, pray, and reflect on her life. Annalie had experienced persistent headaches before she consulted her doctor, who then recommended a CT scan indicating the glioblastoma was present in the back center portion of her brain. In April, 2008, Annalie underwent surgery, which successfully removed much of the tumor, and two months later, began radiation therapy. Throughout her journey with cancer, Annalie has found solace in her faith in God and has re-evaluated how she spends her days.

Annalie currently takes maintenance medication to ensure the cancer does not grow, and also regularly meets with a brain cancer support group. She continues to receive good reports from her doctors, a blessing she attributes to her trust in God and also the flood of encouragement and love she receives from her friends and family – husband Gordon, sons Todd and Brant, their very supportive wives, Brandy and Elesha and grandchildren Dakota, Gavin, and Sarah Grace.

Annalie, very active in her church and community, maintains that the interruption to her routine has been her biggest struggle in her fight against cancer. While she looks forward to regaining her energy, Annalie chooses not to dwell on the negative aspects of her experience. “When I get melancholy, anxious or frustrated, I stop and count my blessings and that puts things in perspective.”

Annalie has decorated her garden with bright yellow and purple pansies, which she has always enjoyed for their bursts of color when everything else is lifeless. Annalie’s garden also features several types of herbs as well as a couple of statuaries that represent her hobbies, reading and bird watching.

A retired librarian and schoolteacher, Annalie is accustomed to teaching others. She hopes her cancer journey will help others see that God is faithful, especially during our hour of tribulation.